Supertankers Okay

Surprised that no one has already posted this… Transport Canada rules supertankers okay. The fix is in. … ridge.html

Well I think it all supports what someone on the news said yesterday that everyone in Cabinet and gov’t employees are scared to speak out when it comes to Harper’s iron fist , I still do not wish for such a possible disaster in this fine country.

I hope the powers that be are aware that when diplomacy fails and the people’s voices are not heard the weapons come out and the bodies hit the floor. Looking more and more everyday like this pipeline and the tanker traffic dispute process was a ruse to give the appearance of public choice.

I agree, I do not want to see this fine Northwest burdened and damaged by crude spills.

Everyone wants the oil, but not in their backyard. Can’t have it both ways.

Captain obvious strikes yet again. You’d trade our wilderness and wildlife for a few measly jobs and a few Rupertites (and I mean only a few) getting all fat cat rich? We need to make it someone elses problem until the super tankers can be quadruple hulled or something.

Not sure what the Captain obvious is in reference to…

I didn’t say I was for the supertankers in our waters. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy often seen in this forum.

Do we want to pollute the air we breathe or the water we rely on? No, of course not. But we happily ship coal from our ports that will end up polluting someones air. Or we lament the closing of the pulp mill, but do you have any idea what the ground under the plant is like, or the water in porpoise harbour? How about all the crap that ends up in landfills? We are bringing it in by the container ship load.

My point is, we rely on certain things to create wealth and employment. But we pick and choose according to our selfish needs.

[quote=“crazy Horse”] I am just pointing out the hypocrisy often seen in this forum.

if the enviromentalists got their way we would still be cavemen and not allowed to have fire, instead of saying no because there is a chance of a spill how about asking what will be done to prevent the spill, how well will the pipeline be covered to prevent it, and if there is a spill by any chance then what is the response from the company, how quick can they contain it. What are the odds of a spill? everyone knows a spill is bad for the enviroment so lets try to make sure we don’t have one. Everyone thinks the LNG plants going into kitimat are good and none polluting, the natural gas they are going to use is obtained by fracking which is a controversial method, the electricity will be borne by flooding how many millions of acres of land for a new hydro plant? why isn’t anyone complaining about that?

We can create wealth and employment by refining OUR oil ourselves and sending it to places that need it in Canada first.
No thinning needed if the crude is refined in Alberta.
Pipelines and tankers full of gasoline and diesel are easier on the environment.
Refineries can employ thousands, well, and permanently.

We need to seriously rethink what it means to support the first nations communities in Canada.

Yes, I agree, I’m not too excited about oil coming to the north coast.

But I’m also realistic. Tax/tariff the shit out of the oil companies, and send the majority of that to the first nations communities from Prince Rupert to the oil sands. Get them (first nations) managing the pipelines, the distribution points, and the vessel pilotage. Make the oil companies pay it, in advance.

I’m actually also in favour of shipping it by rail. After all, when a train goes off the tracks, its never all 100+ cars that come off, this would seriously limit potential impact on the route here.

And I don’t buy that going to kitimat is the best solution. The only time oil companies say something is the best solution is when its actually the most economical solution. Ship to/from Prince Rupert. Bring the pilotage back here in some sort of permanent scenario. I’m guessing the oil executives planned that from the get go, they just are running Kitimat up the flagpole to see if they can make it fly.

Sure there is going to be small spills, but if the first nations are driving the show, we all win on the north coast. Give them what they deserve, financial control over their traditional territories.