Who’s watching the Super Bowl today?

I’m watching Liverpool vs Chelsea, personally.

I’ll watch the highlights later. Too much going on to sit down for 4 hours. Whether I watch it or not the end result will be the same.

Gonna hit up Solly’s here, methinks.

Who you rooting for?


Boring football! One touchdown so far and it was a bad call because it didn’t cross the line. The Seahawks had a real touchdown but there was a flag on the play. Another bad call. If the second half isn’t much better, Superbowl 40 will be remember as the game where the officials and the commentator stole the show over the players on the field.

Watching it here too. Agree with Big Thumb on the Pittsburgh “touchdown”. The ball didn’t cross the line until the quarterback pulled it out from under him and placed it over. The Seattle “touchdown” that was called off was a decent call I thought. Pretty good push-off.

I’m hoping the Hawks win. I hate it when all the pre-game hype surrounds one team’s existence at the big game. Granted Seattle had an “easier” season, they are full value for being there.

Let’s hope the 2nd half is better.

I don’t watch much football but I did when the Steelers were a dynasty. So I was a fan then. But I want the Seahawks to win this one.

Wait a minute. Did somebody here say they were watching soccer instead of the Super Bowl?? :open_mouth: