So that sunshine most of us hoped for is here…what is everyone doing on a sunny day in PR?

Just came back from Atlin  :smiley:  Sitting on the dock people watching and marvelling at the huge, beautiful sailboat that just docked from New Zealand !  Great day !!  More to come, sunny weekend, let’s hope  :smiley:

sailboat from NZ is nice, men on it much nicer… :imp:

Thermostat outside my window says 38C! The other one in the shade says 34.5C!

Rowr!  Cougar alert, Cougar alert!! :smiley:

lol smurfette…what makes you think i am old enough to be a cougar??? and how many years younger must a man be before a woman is considered to be a cougar??

I’ve been called a cougar by my ex’s friends, and they’re only a few years younger than I am. And I’m only 23. LOL

LOL, well I don’t, though I had a vision…

For all I know the boat from New Zealand is some kind of day camp for toddlers sailing the oceans. Not likely,  though, at any rate no dis respect to  you personally or to anyone that may fit into the “cougar” parameters…

It must be my portrait, I admit, I look a little pale in it, kinda like death.  And yes, I bet i was 10 years older than the guys on board but as i wasn’t hitting on them i thought it was ok to admire their attributes. 

LOL, ok the, the original rowr! stands :imp: