Sunday Night Post-a-thon, 7-8 PM

On Sunday night, you’re invited to login to HTMF and take part in our Post-a-thon.  From 7-8 PM, we’ll be using HTMF like a chat line.  The idea is to post as many posts as possible in an hour. 

Login on Sunday, 7 PM Pacific Time, then start posting.

Awesome, MiG! :sunglasses:  I’ll be there:-)


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Thanks for the nightmares MiG.

Ah, but you won’t forget to be here on Sunday night now, will you?  You’ll be reminded in your sleep. 

Your son is really starting to look like you Mig. Congrats. :smile:

I’ll be there.  Perfect time for me cause it’s late night here.  Any rules?  I suggest one thread with only links that might have some interest, no comments, no inappropriate or tasteless sites and no Rickrolling!

No comments? 

Only on the linkage thread. 

Yeah, ok, makes sense I guess.

I think we just hang out on HTMF for an hour and just keep on posting.  Reply to things, like an IRC chat type of thing. 

sort of like what happens everyday here?
Bigthumb no comments, no inappropriate or tasteless sites and no Rickrolling!

if we cant comment then it will be quiet Sunday… :stuck_out_tongue:

Read two posts above yours!  Only in one thread, where we posts links.

thanks for the clarification :smiley:

Heh, didn’t see this earlier.  Yeah, that’s a doll or something.  But my son does the big buggy eyes thing, well, he tries. 

Spamapalooza, rock on!

He does have dad’s head that is a sure thing.

i will be there…or here… what ever the case may be… :smiley:

The post-a-thon will begin at 7pm sharp!  Don’t forget to login.

HTMF will be offline for a short while before that, to set up some stuff.

HEYA fellow HTMF’rs

Omega, what’s happening?