Sunday Humour

So I always thought that the Petro Canada manager must have a good sense of humour since when he posts his prices temporarily higher than anyone else, the joke is really on the people who fill up there. That was until I saw this today:

Kudos to the manager out at Race Track for summing it up like it is…  :cry:

been like that for a couple of days, or atleast i think it has

Hey Crazy Mike - That was so funny, I copied the pic’s and posted them on my site.

I’ll take it down if you disapprove.  I think that it is about time the owners of the stations had a chuckle too.  Its not as if they determine the pricing.  I see them as little slaves that get kicked at by everyone. 

Here is a link if you want to read some history on the Oil industry and how they beat up on everyone, and have been for decades.  click on part two appendix a (it’s worth the read) … Index.html

as a side bar. . .

Dupont was instrumental in making hemp illegal because they had just patented the process to make paints, plastics, and all the other products that hemp was used for, from oil.  Randolf Hurst and his media empire (who owned large tracts of forest lands, that we now use to make paper) joined in with Dupont and promoted the harm of hemp (calling it marihana).  Made it illegal.  Now that hemp is gone these billionaires prosper even more.

Hemps products were all biodegradable.  The Oil industry hmmmm!

how much are you paying in rupert for gas these days?


Thanks for asking about posting the pictures papamerv. I don’t mind that you used them, but I appreciate you asking.

ouch, i just had the most expensive fillup ever on my vehicle, 75 something… super stokin to be SKATEBOARDING to work everyday, hellll yea bitches.

3 cents higher than anyone else  or not a dollar a litre is waaay too much for gas

$5.65 a gallon. And half of the Fort were still grocery shopping in PG on the weekend.

Stop your whining im paying $1.44

Whoa, that sucks, man! :imp:  I paid 1.25 today in PR for 87. 

watch out i got gas at grassybay and the shit was full of water, my car usually goes a week on a tank, 2 days later it’s at less then half a tank…BE WARE OF CHEAP GAS! (you get what you pay for)

Good tip.  I filled up at the Husky station on second avenue.  I seem to be getting good mileage on a tank.

Gas was 109.9 in Sudbury.

Um, unless you have proof of this, then this is pretty much libel, isn’t it?

u guys are silly, i fill my truck and van up at fast gas and never ever had a problem, if there was water in the gas, it never made a diference in both my vehicles.

Water in the gas was pretty much the norm in the Fort until a couple years ago. Used to fill up with ethanol blend everytime I went thru PG.
When you pulled the airfilter cover in winter and saw what looked like 2 stacks of CrystalMint Lifesavers, it was pretty obvious. Just like when you noticed everyone getting gas for chainsaws, trolling motors and lawnmowers at only one station in town.
Or when the mechanic yelled 'Did you fill this at Tempo you moron?" at you…

My favorite sport

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I’ve heard people make similar claims about pretty much every station in town. It would be interesting though if there was some kind of home-brew test we could do to confirm such a claim.

I think that any service station would be susceptible to contaminated or “wet” fuel. I think that the regulations on storing fuel and quality control are tighter now than they have ever been, at least for the major franchises.

Cars can be pretty finicky. It’s amazing that sometimes a driveability issue can be resolved by switching brands.

Filling up at the Shell on Park Avenue resulted in Broken Fuel Gages for Dodge Caravans.

Switch stations and the problem is resolved.