Suggestions for a VPN?

I want to start using a VPN so that I can (a) increase my security and (b) start watching American Netflix etc. There are so many VPN options out there - what are some or one that you would recommend? What do you use and what is the cost? Thanks

I use three different solutions, depending on what I’m doing :slight_smile:

  1. I roll my own vpn on a server I rented in the states (same datacenter as this website). This is the one I use for Netflix and when I’m on public wifi, etc. Price is like $10/month, but I use the server for a lot of other stuff too.

  2. I use Private Tunnel – here’s a referral link: (refer friends for more data, just like I did there). There’s a free account you can sign up there to see if it works for you.

Works with openvpn on all kinds of devices, computers, etc. I use this when I want privacy or to get around ‘blocked’ sites, etc.

  1. I use tigervpn for European stuff – like streaming soccer games and when I don’t want my ISP to see what I’m downloading :slight_smile: I signed up for a lifetime account a while back for something like $30.

I use and use ddwrt on my router. One of the most recommended vpn companies for torrents. I have been with them for 2 years and am very happy.

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Thanks for the suggestions, MiG! Is there a relatively inexpensive choice that is operating system agnostic? I’m running iOS (iPads), Windows 10 Pro, Slackware, and OpenBSD.

All of those mentioned in this thread work with linux, windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

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Thanks for the reply, MiG.

Several years later! Haha. I went with NordVPN today. I’m a slow learner. NordVPN works well on Windows 10 Pro, Debian, and on my One Plus 7T.

Thanks for all of your help. :slight_smile:

If it’s just for privacy, I’d go with Cloudflare Warp.

It’s free. Uses wireguard, so it’s fast.

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Thanks MiG! I’ll take a look at Cloudfare Warp when my NordVPN subscription lapses in 2 years. So far NordVPN is working well on Windows and Linux.

I took NordVPN off my phone and put Cloudfare Warp on it. It’s ripping fast! I’ll keep NordVPN on my PCs until my contract is up then move to Cloudfare. Thanks MiG!

It’s basically a wireguard VPN direct to Cloudflare. So not only are you getting a great VPN, but the server itself is probably very close to you as well.

If you check – you’ll see the “closest” Cloudflare CDN, which is probably Vancouver.

On top of that, there’s this bit …

I’ve been using Private Internet Access for a couple of months now, but its month to month payment, so maybe its time to switch to free Cloudflare…Its just to watch European shows.

Question, can I use it to switch my Netflix to the British or American NF feed?

Cloudflare’s VPN is about privacy and speed. But it connects you to the nearest Cloudflare server / CDN location. You don’t get to choose where, unfortunately.

So it’s not going to mask your location. It will appear you are in Vancouver, Seattle, or Calgary, for example.

I find that for European / UK shows, I just download them and put them on plex. If you send me a PM or email or something, I can add you to it :slight_smile: