Submerged 1 ton truck at Port Edward boat launch

[size=24]I guess I was too subtle in my last post " 1 ton sub". What I meant was, does anyone know who’s truck that was under water at the Port Ed boat launch on the third week of February[/size]?

Ow, my ears hurt. Why are you yelling?


Ow, my ears hurt. Why are you yelling?

I am wondering the same thing.[/quote]

He’s punch drunk. You have to excuse him. :laughing:

Don’t know, but I’d like to see some pics…

Way too sublte.

No idea, though.

Pugelistica: I don’t care if you yell I’m going deaf any way and don’t listen that good in the first place. Yah, your subtlety was entirely lost on me, although I should’ve known better than to take you seriously. On the subject of subs though, check out the Quizno’s thread. I’m going to have to change my signature. ( plato plagerism )

Rangerwreck asked for some pics, so here they are! Sub pics: