What’s the feeling out there? Good idea or bad idea?

I can’t think of any negatives.

The parties hate it. I think it’s great. Definite yes for me.

You’ll hear a lot of “it’s too confusing” from them. Funny thing is that most of the parties use STV (or a variation) to nominate their candidates.

Wow, imagine government by consensus rather than all this left-right crap?

What is this STV you speak of?

You’re going to be voting on it soon: is a good site…


Ok, I knew about this but not as STV, but electoral reform. Same thing I suppose.

Over 57% support in the polls, approved by 77/79 ridings. In spite of the major parties best efforts to kneecap the initiative, STV is wanted. Didn’t get the 60% overall, only got over 57. Didn’t win 60% of the ridings, it won 97% of them. … esults.htm

*Can’t let this one die. *To hell with Carole James comments and El Gordo’s passive agressive stand on STV. The people want it. Demand that Coons (and I will with others demand Rustad too) put this on the floor, give it the funding to explain itself to the public and put it to a referendum again, before the next election.
Whos’ with me?


I thought it was ironic that the NDP used a form of STV to choose their candidates, and then some of them turned around and said they wouldn’t support STV.

But same on the other side. Had a BC Liberal here in Rupert tell me to vote against STV! Ok, no problem, I’ll vote yes for sure if both NDPers and Liberals are telling me to vote no!

Ultimate stupidity is the Green Party leader campaigning against it.

politics is too confusing.

does it have to be this confusing?

I don’t think you need to fully understand the counting process behind BCSTV, you just need to know which candidates you’d be willing to vote for in which priority.

Did STV pass couse last night on BCTV it said it didnt pass… but they had to do a recount too close to call.

No, it didn’t. It was close though, 57% overall voted yes and the I think 77 of the 79 ridings gave it at least 50% yes. However, in order for the referendum to pass it needed 60%.