Streaming services

What streaming services do you pay for? A three dollar jump is pretty hefty for my Netflix subscription. I will pay it. sigh

I still use Netflix quite a bit, but most of my TV viewing has gone to Plex. I have a circle of friends who all share their libraries, and pretty much anything I’m interested in can be found there. For free.

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I have 2 channels I pay for and Netflix is one of them. Combined with my data plan from city west, I still pay less than cable.

Oh, and YouTube has a ton of channels I take advantage of.

Just gotta get rid of the land line. It may be time to try cutting that cord for a test trial.

Would be nice to get rid of the landline. Sometimes with really heavy weather our cell signal is spotty so I like to keep the landline for emergencies. My 15 year old has a medical condition and I need to always be able to call for help if needed.

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I dropped my landline in 2010. I had gone 3 months without using it, and the only incoming calls were spam.

I was a bit worried as well, since we had small kids at the time. My rule was that we always had to have more than one mobile phone, on two different networks.

I dropped cable 6 years ago. The only thing I really miss is watching live sports. Everything else I want to watch is on Netflix, Amazon, or on Plex.

The live sports thing has been solved as well, since there are various services available now. And even when an event isn’t available, there’s always a Russian stream of a Spanish feed or something like that :slight_smile:

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