Streaking Perseid! What's that in the night skies?

Well we don’t offer up any guarantees once again, but if Mother Nature might like to cooperate with the folks on the North Coast, it may be a pretty good night for star gazing.

The celestial show of the Perseid meteor shower reaches a rather hectic pace this evening, with the potential to see up to 100 visible meteors per hour tonight…

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … night.html )

What a show folks! And it’s free.

Popcorn and refreshments at the ready, bring on the show!

I saw one! A nice one but only one!

Didn’t see as many as I thought I would (then again more than a few bright lights around here) but did see a couple of bright ones streaking across with pretty pronounced tails, pretty good show all in all considering the cost of admission!

Dang. Unfortunatley I missed it, had to work this morning :confused:
Got to see last years Perseids Meteor Shower thoe, was pretty gorgeous…