Strange sight

So My Lady and I are driving down second avenue this evening , heading towards four corners watching the cruise ship crowd taking in our downtown scene . Coming to the inter-section by Moby Dick and West End grocery , we see some guy they call Hank walking across the street in front of us and he is only wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of boxer shorts oh yeah he had a pair boots on . Now there is a welcome sight for someone off the boat …lol

If it’s who I think it is, that’s not really a strange sight at all… LOL

he just wanted them to feel at home, have you seen the naked cowboy from NYC? lol

Yes, I also like the Friday night tux -


My favorite, well, I have two ! His Colonel Sanders get-up and his X-Mas elf gear complete with green sparkly hat and OMG, red fuzzy shorts ! I feel sick now…!!! LOL

Saw Hank on the weekend, dressed in all white, suit, hat, shoes, gloves, etc. 5 year old commented “that man must be from the United States!” No idea why she thought that, but had to chuckle :smile:

I forgot to mention I believe that he also had in his right hand a six-pack , walking like he was on a mission . All undressed and no where to go I guess…lol

even funnier with the prostetic leg!!!

i remeber that guy about 25yrs ago being 200 lns heavier…walking down third…eating a WHOLE side of smoked salmon…how the days have changed

Of All Things Though, You CANT Forget him walking around with a Single Flower Or a Couple of em…he has asked me to marry him one and Thought that it was VERY Odd!! Harmless, but kinda Kreepy.