Strange Questions

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers??

Sure, and in Kitimat people try to have sex with them.

Geeez, someone sounds deprived!

Yea lucky you… you’re allowed to have horses in kitimat… and im sure you take full advantage :arrow_right:

Come on you guys, can you not come up with something more original and logic?? This is HTMF, I expect more from you guys. The horse joke is so old, how disappointing.
PS- I would rather be doing horses in this little money town, than sitten around Rupert hoping for a better economy and drinking beer to drown my misery.

nope. only vegetable thins

some. just the herbivores

never. and they’re useless for shoes and purses too.

they won’t eat liver, but they’ll all eat nuts!

i’m a vegertarian on a low fat Atkin’s diet. It rained today so I tried blueberries and brown sugar on my morning paper. Mmmmm! :unamused:

mmm nothin like blueberries and brown sugar on your morning paper.