Strange problem with my computer

Something very weird has been happening with my computer, and I was hoping someone on here might have some idea on how to make it go away.

I have a Toshiba laptop with Win XP.  It’s set up so that when I close the screen it goes into standby mode, which worked fine until very recently.  For some reason, I’ll close the laptop and it just keeps running, but then later, I’ll do something with iTunes and all of a sudden it’ll jump into standby mode without warning.  Any idea why this might be happening?

I thought that it kept on writing text upside down :wink:

Outdated or incompatible device drivers
If the computer is running outdated device driver files, they may not support power management and they may cause incompatibility problems. This behavior prevents a computer from entering or resuming from hibernation and standby. Drivers are the primary causes of hibernation and standby issues.

Make sure that you install the latest updates for the operating system to all the devices, especially audio devices and video devices. If you are not sure which driver is causing the issue, go to the “If you have outdated driver files, run the Crash Analysis tool” section.

Note Audio devices must have drivers that use Windows Driver Model (WDM) architecture exclusively.
If the system is using a basic graphics driver, such as a VGA video driver, it may not be compatible. Although VGA drivers support basic video, they do not support power management. If you have a VGA driver, visit the driver vendor’s Web site to see whether an update is available.

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Windows 7… if you’re stuck on Windows it’s the best $100 you’ll ever spend.

i have  a similar problem, my computer just wont hibernate or sleep at all, and ive checked all the drivers and tried almost everything i just gave up sure was nice when you could put your computer to sleep in 2 seconds and wake it up in just about the same ammount of time  rather thatn taking alot longer to start and shutdown everytime !

My daughter’s brand new iPod Touch volume control doesn’t work properly. 
The slider comes back to half when volume is increased. 
Does anyone here have had the same kind of thing happen?

If it’s brand new, you have Applecare.  Call Apple and they’ll replace it.


Have you checked in the settings to see if there is a volume limit control.

Nice hijack by the way.

I believe there is a volume limit setting that you can adjust while connected to Itunes