Strange os x behavior

Okay this is not a critical issue but annoying none-the-less.  It seems that whenever I right click on highlighted text, the program that I’m using (e.g. Safari or dictionary) crashes and I have to force quit it.  Pressing “Apple C” for copy and “Apple V” for paste still works.  I did a google search but didn’t see anything related to this.  Weird!!  Any ideas what’s happening?

Two plugins fighting with each other?  I’ve seen this before, and it was because of some strange browser plugin.

Take a look in /Library/Internet Plug-ins  and in your home folder version of the same.

ie:  /Library/Internet Plug-ins  is your system-wide stuff  and  /Users/Dave/Library/Internet Plug-ins is your account’s version.

A trouble-shooting step you might want to try:

See if the same problem occurs on another account on the same computer.  (Create another account if necessary).

Thanks MiG, as I was thinking of what my next step in trouble shooting would be (before your post) I decided to just turn the computer off and start again (you can still have the credit for solving this issue because I’m sure I’ve heard you tell a number of people to just shut down their computer and restart to see if the problem disappears.)  Problem appears to have disappeared.  Interesting, and thanks again.

Heh… IT Crowd Season 1.  That’s how they answered the phone:  “Hello IT.  Did you try turning it off and on again?”

Heh… IT Crowd Season 1.  That’s how they answered the phone:  “Hello IT.  Did you try turning it off and on again?”


And the following line is “no, you will not lose anything.  Just what you didn’t save.”

I’m due to get a new work laptop soon.  Mine is three years old and I guess it’s due for an upgrade.  I like this one (even though it’s windows, not mac) but my frickin screen is showing strange behaviour.  It goes dim when starting up.  Too dim to read comfortably but not completely dark.  The temporary fix is to remove the battery, unplug it and push the power button for about a minute.  Then restart on the power supply without the battery in it.  This use to work on the first trial but now it takes about three to five attempts.  I’m getting a little annoyed especially because I need this at work.
Oh and, I’m not looking for help ( we have paid tech support here and my problem is on his list of things to do).  I’m just sharing a strange behaviour story.[/quote]