Stolen Vehicle - 4TH Avenue West

Hoping someone here may have some information on a vehicle theft and attempted break-in to a home around 1:30 AM on October 3rd.

A person(s) managed to gain access to and steal a black 2005 Toyota 4Runner, license plate 287MHG parked on the 300 block of 4th Ave West. It appears shortly before the vehicle was taken, at least one neighboring house was attempted to gain access to, while the occupants were home. A bent knife was found in the driveway and a vehicle was heard speeding away down the street at around 1:30 AM.

Some unique features that may set this 4Runner apart from others:

  • Decorative ‘washi’ tape strips holding the driver’s side front signal light in place
  • A green (or blue) annual Rushbrook parking pass sticker on the lower driver’s side of the windshield;
  • There’s a rusty ball trailer hitch on the rear bumper;
  • Cracked driver-side mirror with trailer extension strapped to it.
  • Vehicle contained a rolled up inflatable Zodiac and a Schwinn Sanctuary 7 bicycle.

If you happen to come across the boat, bicycle or vehicle on a back road or private sale, or have any other information about this theft, please let me know, or call the RCMP.



Total bummer. Perhaps the owner could also get the message out on face book, etc.

It was posted on FB the day of. I thought I’d throw this up here to get more local attention beyond their friends list.

On behalf of my parents. I may edit or add information as I receive it.

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I’ll post the message and picture on facebook as well.

Many years ago I had my car stolen here in Rupert. It turned up in a ditch just outside of PG. I hope this one turns up.

Vehicle was located in town, however the boat was taken. If anyone notices this thing for sale, or in someones carport for example, please let someone know… Not too many of this type of boat around.

Zodiac with airfloor, under 10’, I’ll post specifics when I get them… Unable to afford a replacement, especially after deductibles…

Will be missing the pump and oars that would normally come with it.

Thanks for the update. Happy to hear the vehicle was located. I posted a picture of the zodiac on my Facebook news feed.