Stolen i phone

i am a tour guide and my i phone was taken by a cruise ship passenger when they were exiting the tour bus and boarding the ship last monday and i was wondering how i could find my phone and yes i called it, texted it, and used the rogers phone tracker with no luck is there anything else i can do?

What kind of iphone was it? Do you have “Find my iPhone” on it? If so, you can tell it to e-mail you next time it’s online.

If you have iCloud on it, you can grab any photos taken with it on your computer.

Most people who are dumb enough to steal a phone will usually take a photo of themselves.

i phone 4 and i just have the rogers phone finder but i will try the icloud way! thank you!

Yeah, go to and sign in there, then you should see where your phone was last located. You can have it send you an e-mail if it’s online again, with the location, etc.

You can also set it up on your Mac or PC and have it retrieve photos and data from the phone.

Did you have e-mail set up on there? If so, was it gmail or something like that? Gmail allows you to see the IP address of where your account was last accessed from… you may be able to trace it that way.

just a yahoo account and i cant seem to get into my icloud account for my phone, i wish it was like the ipod touch that you could just wipe it

Yeah, you can wipe it remotely. Same way you do the iPod touch. But you need to login to using your apple ID to do so. But before you wipe it, you should see where it is, check any photos taken, any documents created, etc.

when i log into icloud it just shows my ipod and not my phone not sure what i am doing wrong

Oh, ok, maybe you didn’t set it up for icloud.

i did not sure if it’s because i deactivated it, it’s not working

Shit, that sucks. If you had set up iCloud on it, you’d have copies of any photos taken (and the EXIF data that would give you the GPS coordinates of where the photos were taken). You’d also be able to remotely track the phone on a map and disable it, or wipe it. It’s all the same stuff you can do with the iPod Touch.