Stolen bike! $reward$

Someone stole my downhill bike last night from the 1500 block of 8th ave east. Theres a Cash reward for anyone who gets it back for me or has information leading to its recovery. Heres a pic, its not the same bike but this is what it looks like: … 743848.jpg

It has Manitou Sherman double crown forks and a blue hub on the front rim, black duct tape on the seat, and no front shifter cables.

Not only is riding my hobby it is my main mode of transportation, this bike is priceless to me. If anybody has any information please call Josh at 250-600-1225 or 250-624-5337. Thanks.

Boo-urns…  Sadly stolen bikes is a regular thing around here. Best of Luck

Seriously Josh?  Dude!  Bikes are stolen all the time here!

Good luck recovering your bike, man!  We keep our bikes inside the house, safely locked away.

PS, I do hope you get it back though.

There are about 5 bikes under the 2nd Avenue bridge. About three kids’ bikes and two adult size bikes. They’ve been there for a while. Maybe BikeDad would recognize them?


I seen those bikes yesterday, I took a ride around town to check all the suspect places like that.

I grew up in this city and have had bikes stolen from me before, I have always recovered them. One time from a pawn shop, and another downtown with the culprit riding it.

I used to keep it in the house but its so small, and there isnt much room. I started to lock it up on my back porch with my other bike and my chainsaw, I get careless sometimes and forget to lock it back up.

Thanks everyone for the replies, Im a positive person and I am sure that I’ll get it back!


I’ll bump this thread as well.  Best of luck recovering your bike.

I got it back last night, some kids found it in the bushes near my house. I gave them some cash for their efforts.

Thanks again everybody.

Wow, that’s awesome! Glad to hear that.  :smile: