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Steven Page charged with Cocaine possession.

Will this affect the band’s album sales?

Well, I won’t be buying “Snack Time” now, even though I was fully intending on doing so.

What are your thoughts?

He is human just like everyone else.Im not God so I cant make judgement.

Well he would seem to be requiring a bit of assistance at the moment considering how his personal life seems to have spun a tad out of control.

As for the band, since their latest album is a “children’s album” the optics won’t be too good for the short term, already they have cancelled an appearance at a Disney Children’s Festival, so it’s going to be a problem for the early going.

Hopefully, the US justice system takes a look at his past good deeds in Canada the Daily Bread Food service in Toronto and the other good work they have done on behalf of the less advantage (hopefully Jack Layton however won’t pop down to Syracuse to help out, not sure what the Americans might make of smilin’ Jack).

He’s made a mistake, a big one. I hope he catches a break, since for the  most part he’s been a pretty solid citizen and has done a lot more good than many that go free for much worse.


Bummer, I enjoy their music!  I hope he gets some help with his addiction problems.

Is it not amazing how people jump on this one poor Steven, I sure hope he gets help for his addiction and does OK in court because he was or is an outstanding citizen. We talk of coke addicts here and they become known as dirt and every other word of disgust. Just wondering how the higher up rate with the public but if you are just a number too bad. If I had a million dollars also sucks. If he is crazy enough to go states side to start and then to play with nose candy while there well he ain’t too smart and he should face the tune in court. Poor Steve my ass.

Here is a positive spin travel to states, California maybe. Rehab for 30 days completely cured, million dollar deal on Dr.Drew celebrity rehab show. OK aye. Good luck Steve.Just think of what he could do with that million dollars, I smell another song. LOL.

Did he hurt anyone? no… well then why the hell is there a risk of Jail time?

He’s a productive citizen who gives back to society. Just because he does stupid shit with his own time doesn’t mean he should go to jail.

This world’s fucking stupid.

I heard he was going to ask the girl he was with to be his Yoko Ono.

I heard that the BNL will do a cover of this song on their next album:

Now THERE’S a mess!

Yep, great song, but man she needs to take the adivce…

Agreed.  Page is a productive member of society. 
I think the moral, ethical, and legal ramifications of his choice is a topic that is open for debate.  However, he broke the law, hence the severe consequences for his lifestyle choice.  Until the law is changed a cocaine user can expect serious charges.

I can’t disagree with you there but don’t you think it’s time we change the law and stop putting away people for causing what amounts to absolutely 0 harm on society. 

see page only did harm to himself this time, what if he climbed behind the wheel and hurt himself.

thats bullshit man, there is always harm on society when drugs are involved. your not thinking of the bigger picture.

what about the 8 year old girl in her yard who gets killed by a stray bullet from a rival gang member who’s trying to take out his drug competitors in the same area.

what about the farmers in Columbia who are forced to pick coco leaves at gun point, or watch family killed by the drug cartels.

what about the 10 year old boy who dies from a Od’s   because he was forced to swallow 10 condon bags full of 100% coke, and one ruptures on his way across the border.

you think not about the big picture only about the little picture Jesus…

drugs are bad…

I’m afraid my friend it is you who does not see the big picture. All those negative things you just posted would go away if there was a LEGAL place to obtain it.

In fact I’d venture a guess that if it was legal prices would drop and we’d have more ‘functional’ addicts that could contribute to society. Remember its the addiction that sends them back but its the price that causes them to go broke and steal to afford it. 

Make cigarettes as expensive as coke and just watch the criminal element flood the market. In fact with recent increases in tobacco prices cigarette smuggling is becoming a problem. Shocking!

Low cost drugs are self regulating, you take too much, you die.  High priced drugs you cant afford to take too much.

Take the malicious practices of the dealers/producers out of the equation and then tell me where the crime is.

edit: Sorry missed the “what if he climbed behind the wheel and killed someone” part. Allow me to retort.

If he was to climb behind the wheel he would be guilty of driving under the influence. The act of doing cocaine harms no-one but himself. 

The addiction is for real, setting them back or allowing them to just give up on life is part of the addiction no matter where you turn. When I ask kids why they are doing it ,well its the thing to do, that is a bullshit answer and just as bad as yours Jesus.One gets caught up very quickly and easy, then those choices are not really there anymore or there may just be a few. You smoke it or you snort it after awhile you come through the back door and start to shoot so you will get off faster. That white powder controls your ass till you eventually get proper help but you must want it and the scum around you do not want you to seek help. So Jesus get with reality and admit that this white shit is going to take you out eventually. I can see them legalize pot but Satan controls the hardshit .

You’re apparently an idiot and didn’t address any of my points. In fact you completely ignored them and went off on some tangent about how drugs are bad. 

If cocaine and other drugs were cheaper we’d have more functional addicts like steven page.   What causes people to turn to crime is not being able to afford their addiction not the drugs themselves.  Make cigarettes as expensive as coke and see what happens. 

What you put in your body should be your decision not the governments whether thats drugs or vitamins, or gasoline.

Its people like you that have allowed  our government regulate us to the point where they’re going to tell us what vitamins we can take and likely soon what foods we can eat.   

PS. I dont know where you got the idea I do coke from but I don’t.  I don’t like killing my body but I support other peoples right to if that is their desire.

Edited to add: To put a productive and helpful member of society like Steven page in jail for what amounts to poisoning his own body should be a crime in itself.  It’s absolutely ludicrous that anyone could or would support that.

Well I stick to what I posted and will change nothing, we have the right to voice our opinion and yours, hers and mine. Steve Page was an idiot first for doing coke in such a warped screwed up country to start, his actions could mess the rest of the bands future. Doing it is bad enough on his own, weather he is addicted or not. But as for you and my past post, not once did I mention anything of you maybe doing it, that is your choice and not mine, been there done that and I have liked it that way since I kicked the shit in the 1900’s.

Oh come on. The guy’s a famous musician. It’s almost mandatory that he experiments with drugs. Cut him some slack. Please.