Steve Wilkos

So I came across this show in the summer. I have watched in a couple of times since. (None of us is perfect.) The thrill is in the combativeness of the guests who accuse each of other all things sexual and then take lie detector tests or paternity tests to find out the truth.

Yesterday was particularly funny because this dweeb kept denying that he ever had a one night stand with this girl that he has since ignored. She is understandably upset. Well not understandably as the guy is a loser that she can afford to be without, but hey it’s great television.

The girl passes the lie detector test. Wilkos tells the guy “if you are telling the truth I will eat this report”. He opens the envelop and discovers that when asked if he had sex with the girl, the guy admitted that he had. Then the guy brazenly tells Wilkos to eat the report as he told the truth. Wilkos refused saying that he was referring to the statements he made on stage blah blah blah. Hey it’s great television!!

So it got me thinking. We need Steve Wilkos at the legislature. Anyone of 3 million British Columbians could play the role of the outraged girl who feels abused. Campbell could play the lying dweeb. Hey it would make great television.

No I would like to see Sleezy Gordo slide down some pole like Jerry Springer slides down but have some big bouncer fresh out of jail and horney grab him by the throat when he gets to the bottom .