Stephen Harper: 24-hour surveillance

You can’t make this shit up. … -1.3228916

[quote]The local campaign in Stephen Harper’s Calgary riding was told to remove several “24 hour surveillance” stickers from the Conservative leader’s election signs, after a member of the team put them up in an attempt to curb vandalism.

The stickers started popping up on several campaign signs in Harper’s Calgary Heritage riding a few days ago. The small, white-and-black stickers included a graphic of a surveillance camera and the text “24 hour surveillance,” giving the impression the signs were constantly being monitored.[/quote]

Not a good trend if voters in your own riding are vandalizing signs. Hilarious!

Terrorists! tHEY’RE EVERYWHERE just like you warned us Stevey!
Better set up metal detectors at hockey games and strip search everyone in the Overwaitea lineup!