StarWare Explosion

Anyone else noticed this? Over the weekend I’ve run into ZLOB and this Starware infection on half a dozen computers.
I come home and it’s on MINE!
Someone use fucking Internet Explorer on my laptop while I was away. Soon as I fix it, it’s GONE forever.
I swear I’m gonna stick a knife in the next moron I see using IE  :imp: too stupid to live!!

yeah, ie sux, what does this viri do ?

Hey herbie…
Are you saying to not use internet explorer???
any sugestions?  I do see avant on my desk top/.

firefox,, THE best :stuck_out_tongue:

You will see a Starware bar in explorer, your start page will be hijacked. Popups telling you you have a netsky infection will happen, your desktop background gets changed to an ad that links to the crapware. It infects your system restore and unusual places (windowsNT current version) in the registry. It whacks Panda (no great loss)
You’ll have to kill system restore, regedit, run hijack this, then AVG and coldboot & rerun AVG. That might help.
Way easier to format -fixboot- reinstall from CD.
Wish my HawkeCD had AVG on it.

Only use Firefox.  I use Safari Beta as browser #2, but it’s buggy on Vista

i wanna try to go to a webage that has this viri on it, see what it does on a mac :stuck_out_tongue: last week i was on some page and i had this file.bin on my desktop LOL kinda lauged :smile:

That’s the crap a friend of mine was dealing with a couple weeks ago.,8165.0.html

Yep, FF and Safari is the only way to surf.  Thanks for the heads up, herbie.  :sunglasses:  I’ll watch for that one at work.