Starting to hate Vista again

Just when I got used to it…
Needed to do some network troubleshooting today, and discovered if you plug into your wireless router with IP and then go to connect wireless afterwards, (even if you’re unplugged) with IP you get these warnings about “using multiple gateways” and no settings will take.
You need to disable one before you use the other.
Then NetSetMan works like, twice. Then only half the new settings get installed.
Add that to wanting to remember every single setup and give it a name, an advanced tab that remembers and won’t let you enter the same setting twice… ARRGGGHHH!

So I go to install Ubuntu on my HP and surprise, the first one I’ve seen where Ubuntu won’t even boot off the disk.
Back to the new Toshiba to look up any know issues, and it decides all on it’s own to install the anytime upgrade, when I clicked the UAC to disable those annoying warnings.
Back to the HP which has now booted back to Vista, downloaded and TRIED to install an important HP update (RUNTIME ERROR) (BLOCKED STARTUP PROGRAMS)

And OH LOOK… the Toshiba finally rebooted with ALL the security warnings re-enabled.

Microsoft is just so butt-fucking stubborn at not using someone elses standards! Why can’t you SUDO or su -?  Why can’t it even remember that you said OK last time 10 seconds ago?

I love that AsusEee… bringing it to finish the job tomorrow!

Mine recognized my mp3 player when I first connected it and then when I went to put some music on it, it wouldn’t.  Upon searching through Google, I see that Creative’s Vista support sucks.

I read on the net that the new asus eeepc is one sweet ride.  1 GB RAM, a bigger HD…not sure of the price, I think it is a bit more pricey.