Starlink internet

Yet another Internet outage from Prince Rupert to Burns Lake I hear.

Anyone in Rupert using Starlink? Here are my Starlink speeds today during the Internet outage.


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No internet, majority of shittywest cable, Telus phone services, debit machines.

Nice download speeds! What does that cost per month?


This is a snapshot of last months bill. The bill goes up another 10 bucks or so for June Due 2 inflation. Keep in mind the system is portable and it works.

My first day with this system was March 25. Here’s another snapshot since then regarding Speedtest.


Internet down again at this time. Yes, again my starlink is up

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42.6 down and 19.6 up

Our Internet is back it seems.

Someone just stopped me and asked about Starlink.
They’re Telus internet is ‘no good’ because it doesn’t work outside.

Yesterday a lady asked me to check her TV out, Netflix didn’t work. The guy who used to live there had Netflix… Netflix app was on the box the TV came in!

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