Stanley Park

Yep, First Nations are wanting the good old Stanley Park renamed now…

Vancouver’s world-famous Stanley Park will be renamed Xwayxway, if native leaders get their wish.

Xwayxway, pronounced kwhykway, ( uh huh? um ok…) was the name of the large permanent native village that existed at what is now Lumberman’s Arch.

I had a good long rant after this that i decided was more appropriate to an HST rant so i will go there.  I resist all the name changes and I don’t give a damn whose land it was way back when. Vancouver is well known around the world and visitors come from near and far to see Stanley Park, let it rest. 

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Thank you Roja…enough is enough…most people could not say the indian name in the first place…Queen Charlotte Islands…much easier

Same as the Salish Sea nonsense.

Thank you all for your honesty. I thought I was the only person, adrift in a sea of politically correctness, who is sick and tired of the whole rename this and rename that.

It is the 21st century, everybody, get on with the program.

Firstly it is the Squamish(I think) that want the name changed, not all First Nations.

When I seen this story on the news it made me wonder…What do these people really want, what is the real interest in Stanley Park? It doesn’t really make sense to me that this First Nation would try to drum up all this hooplah over just a name change. IMO, this is a precurser to something else…$$$???

Tell that to the folks in India who are slowly putting the original names back on their cities: … s_in_India
No idea if my link will work…copy and paste, I guess.

This is ongoing in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and in Myannmar (Burma). Throughout Africa many countries have changed their name (Gold Coast to Ghana for instance) and places names within those countries have also changed as colonialism is being put off.

More in line with our local situation, both New Zealand and Australia are renaming places that were traditional Aboriginal and Maori sites, Ayers Rock to Uluru, for example.

It’s not the end of the world and it’s happening AROUND the world so don’t think your family’s 100 years (or three times that!!) in Canada earn you the right to keep Grandpa’s name on anything!!

There should be a plaque or display naming the site placed in the park. I grew up don’t there and don’t remember anything commemorating the village.

He who maps, surveys and publishes means it does. Xwayxway was at a place in the park, not the whole park. Nobody lives there anymore so there’s no reason to change the name. Unlike other places where the people who live there can decide to change the name if they want.
Just as a small body of water that connects others to the ocean is a Strait. A sea is a huge body of water.

Enough of this stupid PC appeasement.

I am sure plenty of people live in the park,not by choice though.

I am sick and tired of paying multiple taxes while others do not have to yet they feel they can use the resources i help pay for.  Medical care, roads, sewer systems, parks, police and fire departments, coast guard rescuse from the outlying areas, public buildings, education, and on and on and on, the list of taxes i pay is nuts.  i am the working poor, I cannot afford to return to school and there are no grants available to middle aged white people, just student loans.  I want a free ride for awhile.  If you are using public resources and not paying your taxes you are a freeloader.  I am also sick to death of political correctness and tip-toeing around in fear of offending it seems just about everyone.  Guess that leaves me back in the cave man ages.  I have empathy, i have compassion but for those who need it.  Just look around town and you can see its a city full of users.  I guess I am glad to hear i am not alone…when are we going to say to our Govt that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

How about this option…

We rename all parts of Canada but we do it by representation by population.  By this, we rename based upon the population number living within a particular region.

The lower mainland would be largely South East Asian names even though many are First Nation named.  Toronto would become South East Asian and Italian.  Quebec…well, never mind.  The Maritimes would be Scottish…believe it or not, most Maritime names are Mi’ kmaq.

Maybe we should rename Canada, it sounds way too Indian for my taste…Any suggestions? …The United Provinces of America…I like it!!!

It’s First Nations Chief Dave,how rude. How about “McCanada” copyright pending of course.

Okay mister harper…

LOL sorry, but you sound like a conservative.

not a conservative…a pissed off citizen sick of paying taxes in a country with so much unfairness. 

What’s the connection between the fact you pay taxes and the potential renaming of a park? Do you expect that you will pay LESS taxes if they don’t rename the park or do you expect to pay MORE because of it?

Me, I expect to pay more IN SPITE of it. I’m pretty sure I’ve got ESP…

Okay, you’re an upset tax payer.  I get that part.  I don’t see how paying your taxes relates to a popular park being renamed.  Maybe the tax rant should be put in another topic?  Just a thought.

:frowning: you are so right, i am in the wrong thread.  So sorry, i’ll move…my rant has been on my mind most the day so i got confused i suppose.   

No need to apologize.  Perhaps create a new topic about taxes.  :smile:
Now to get back on topic.  I listened to a call in show on CBC today regarding the name change proposed for the park.  In my opinion the park will still be the same if it has a new name.  I don’t have a problem with the proposed name change (not a big deal for me).

Here is an interesting blog about this subject: … /#more-589

I personally think that renaming the entire park because of one village site is a stretch. Acknowledging and recognising the village and associated First Nation is something that can be done with little to no commotion, but, I don’t think this First Nation has any intent on NOT causing turmoil.