Stabbing by a 17 yrars old

What is happening to the youth ? Why are they so depressed, frustrated and angry? Where has their love for life gone?
The episode of stabbing today has left so many questions in mind? Why are the foster kids so unhappy in their
foster homes most times? Are they not supposed to feel sense of belonging ness? Veey sad situation. School councillors should be very vigilant to perceive the threat student’s changed behaviou dictates.

I have to disagree with the statement that youth are not happy in foster care most of the time. In my experience working with youth and children over many decades now, I have seen many of them being in foster care and in many cases they returned to live with their natural parents periodically but ended up being removed again and put into foster care. During their times in foster care, a great majority of them were indeed happier and healthier due to being in a stable environment that provided consistency, food and all the necessary care and nurturing a child or youth requires.

It is a stretch to generalize that all of the foster kids are unhappy.

I did not intend to point any fingers. Its just in general that so many incidents all over the world happen around them; not that they do not happen to the kids in parental care.
I general the trend tiwards heavyness and darkness has increased in the youth. They are more towards desensetisation. Too much exposure to violent games, virtual world and isolation in general may be increasing the risk factors.

This is a total tragedy , there had to be signs that this kid was that unstable and not suited for a reg foster home .