So a friend of mine let his dad use his computer today… and now it’s infected with a bunch of shit.  A program has changed his desktop to the spyware/adware’s logo, and has disabled a bunch of features, restricting what he can do with his system now.  He’s unable to click on anything on his desktop.

When he tries to ctrl alt del, he gets a msg saying the task manager has been disabled by the system admin, so he can’t even go in and turn any affected programs off.

Any idea of a quick fix other than throwing the system out the window?

Damn Dads and their stupid limewire music downloads!!!  :imp:

Can’t help you with the techno stuff, but I would suggest that the Dad be banned from the computer for at least a month!

go in to into msconfig turn off everything in start up and services, then restart in to safe mode and run virus protection, and spybot, if that does not work try this free prgram smitfraudfix and Superantispyware. both should be run in safe mode.

If it’s the same one I ran into a week ago, it won’t let you into msconfig either. Shut down and cold start into Safe Mode to get msconfig or regedit.