Spybot Search & Destroy

Bad sum check when trying to get updates. Is this program toast?

choose another server to grab the updates from, sometimes you have to try a couple

Here is another spyware program that I recenty tried.

Spy Emergency 2005 and it did a very good clean. It also took about 45 minutes on a fast machine. :open_mouth:

Yeah, SpyBot seems to be a little glitchy lately. Still tho, not bad for the price of free.

  1. Avoid the See-Cure servers, they tend to hang.

  2. Try manual update of the _includes from here.

  3. Remember - 1.4’s TeaTimer was buggy. Stick with 1.3 until they fix things (if they haven’t already).

Man this wireless laptop gets kickass signal. I can see Mig’s network from here. 8)