Springsteen does Seeger

At the risk of becoming a one trick pony in the posting world at htmf, there’s yet another recording out there that music fans should check out.

Bruce Springsteen has released a new CD called “We shall overcome: The Seeger Sessions”, brucespringsteen.net/site.html  its a departure from his E Street Band material, but still true to some of his earlier material such as Nebraska, Tom Joad and The Rising.

Springsteen has taken thirteen songs from the Pete Seeger songbook, Seeger is a long time folkie peteseeger.net/Â who is best known for his material during the civil rights era during the fifties and sixties. He’s probably one of the biggest influences of today’s crop of singer songwriters.

At any rate, Springsteen has selected a wonderful cross section of Americana material, from We Shall Overcome to Mrs. McGrath, Eyes on the Prize to Shenandoah it’s just a terrific trip down a road of music that many may not even knows exist.

I did a blurb on my blog apple.com/itunes/Â (they cost you money that way), or I’m sure the enterprising youth of htmf can find a more cost efficient way of accessing the material. Either way, check it out, well worth a listen for those looking to expand their horizons.

I do have other opinions on other topics and will weigh in eventually , but it’s quite neat that two of my favourite artists have released new material in less than a week of each other…Â Â
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