It is snowing…weird weather:)

Serioiusly?? Down here I was kicking my ass mid-day for not wearing shorts to work.

I know the meteorologists were predicting a cool spring but snow?? That sucks!!

Great to watch a good hockey game.

And they’re fat flakes too. @___@

Yup, sure glad I took those snow tires off last weekend! Holy Crap!

I’m so annoyed.

Gosh, this sucks. I actually played Football with the boys this afternoon. Now This?!?! I was hoping to use shorts while pummeling some friends tomorrow :neutral_face:

Heh-heh, I was going to call Dwayne at Entire to get my snowies taken off…maybe I should wait…what…2-3 weeks? :smiley:

Hah, Global warming my ass!

Actually a science program on tv the other night says that Global Warming is actually misnamed. It is more  of the your typical weather but longer , ie Rupert Rain and cold, Havana Cuba dyer and hotter. Whatever the case it is getting depressing … there is fresh snow on the mountains ENOUGH ALREADY!

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Yeah this is true, however, @ HTMF I just right click & pick “View Image” and it’ll bring up a new window with the full size image (Firefox)