Spread of insurgent tactics

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WASHINGTON (AFP) - North Africans are beginning to show up among insurgents in
Iraq, raising US concerns that they will carry home tactics and techniques learned from that conflict, two senior US officials said.

Major General Thomas Csrnko, head of US special operations command in Europe, said analysts were still trying to determine where the North Africans came from and who they were affiliated with.

“The potential does exist for individuals or groups to go to Iraq and either conduct operations or receive some of the training,” he said.

“And one of our fears is that if they do get that training and get some of the techniques that are going on Iraq, they could bring that back to Africa,” he said.

Csrnko and US Ambassador to Senegal Richard Allan Roth spoke to reporters by telephone from Senegal where US and African forces are taking part in a three week exercise with nine African countries from across the Sahara region.

More than 700 US special operations troops have been conducting training drills in Algeria, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad with some 3,000 African troops as part of the Flintlock 05 exercise.

An aim of the exercise is to improve communication among the militaries of the region to prevent the movement of insurgents across their borders.

The United States expects to spend between 30 to 60 million dollars on a trans-Sahara counter-terrorism initiative in 2006, and 100 million dollars a year over the next five years.

“I think one of our concerns is that citizens or personnel from this region are beginning to show up in Iraq, and we would like to see that activity stopped,” said Roth. “Certainly we would hope that by participating in programs like Flintlock host governments in the region would contribute to that effort as well.”

The insurgent group in the region that most concerns the United States is the Salfist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), an Al-Qaeda affiliated organization based in Algeria that claimed responsibility for a raid on a military outpost in Mauritania June 4.

The attackers were reported to have killed 15 Mauritanian soldiers and carried off two hostages as well as an assortment of vehicles and military equipment.

Csrnko said the attack was typical of others carried out by the GSPC in the past, rather than reflecting any new Iraq-inspired tactics.

“They are very mobile, very short engagements, very lethal, and then they take what they can get and then leave. It’s kind of the classic raid type scenario,” he said.

The group primarily has been involved in smuggling within the region, and conducting operations to resupply itself with weapons, ammunitions and food.

But the US intelligence community raised its rating to the tier reserved for the most threatening terrorist groups after it formally allied itself with Al-Qaeda, the general said.

Csrnko said no insurgent training camps have been identified in the vast Sahara region, but he said the potential is there.

“Of course, if there are individuals that are going to Iraq from northern Africa, then the potential obviously exist that there are training camps, or they are receiving some type of training before they go,” he said.

“Or as I mentioned before, another concern is that they are going to Iraq, receiving training there, and then coming back to Africa,” he said.


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