Sport Fishing Forum?

Why isn’t there a page on here for sport fishing up dates, Hot spots, whats biting etc. In new to the area and have my own boat. Been out a couple times and its a huge area for fishing.
Just a thought. Lots of new comers to the area and I think this would be a good topic for this board Thanks

You just started it :smile:

Are any winter springs being caught? Im going out tomorrow for my second time in this area. Thinking about going out to Lucy islands. Any thoughts from any one???

You should not have to even leave the harbor at this time of year. The farthest you should have to go is the
north or south end of Tugwell Island. There are some springs up at the end of the harbor in Tuck narrows. Also
there are springs right in Metlakatla pass. The two white ladies just before the airport ferry dock is a great
place for winter springs. Also the other side of the container port along both sides of the Prince Rupert
harbor entrance has a few springers hanging around. Tight lines. One more thing, anchovies are the
bait of choice.

Thanks deepspring. Will give those areas a try

Hi All, Any winter springs showing up?? I had a nice one on at south end of Tugwell a couple days ago.

Well not a very good day out fishing. No good hits, a couple rock cod, lost a cannon ball and no crab. Hmmmm

That was out at Tugwell.

Gona try tomorrow maybe to Tuck narrows Anybody know where the springs are showing up???

Any Fish biting?? Hot Spots??

Just put the boat in the water for the season. I will let you know whats biting in a couple of days.
At this time of year the outside for Halibut and Lingcod and Snapper is awesome. My first charter
is this Saturday. I have some people from Smithers wanting some Halibut and ground fish. If
the weather holds out it should be epic.

Nice Snapper.
Im fairly new to the area, fished a bit late last fall. When you say fishing the outside, is that past Lucy Isl ?? How about between Tugwell and Lucy, Isl ?? Any thing down at Tuck??


Outside is for sure past Lucy Island. Outside is past Tripple island and out to the Strait. That is where
the real fishing begins. You have to have a bigger boat and GPS to find the rock piles and
ledges where the big Lingers and Snapper live. Also the Halibut fishing is outstanding on
the banks out there. Cheers

Does any one know where the whales were spotted???

North of Tugwell up towards Big Bay.