Sport fishermen got to go to Kitimat. No parking fee at the launch

I have told several out of province fishing parties to hit Kitimat instead of Rupert because of the high cost of parking at New Floats, which is just a TAX grab. Buy your grub in Terrace and hit Kitimat. There are very good accomondations available. One more plus, you are closer to Terrace to get your salmon and halibut vacuum packed and frozen for overseas shipment and certification documents.

Great…good for you. :unamused:

The Terrace Kitimat Chambers of Commerce thank you for your assistance.

I’ll pay for your first month rent in Kititmat.  That would be a good grab for Kitimat and oh yeah for Terrace also as you would buy your grub there but let the local merchants know what your upto.  They would probably help you move your stuff into the apartment

This seems to be more about the Northwest - Terrace & Kitimat. I think its in the wrong forum. Doesn’t belong in the Prince Rupert forum…


A guy I work with in GP told me yesterday that he is going halibut and salmon fishing for a week in the near future. I asked where, and he replied Kitimat. I have only been to the river in Kitimat, but it seemed like Rupert would be a nicer place to stay for a week. What do you think?

Can’t you get your fish shipped from rupert?

Doesn’t Dollys do that?

Let’s face it: there is no good reason to stay in Kitimat except for a high-paying job. It is arguably the ugliest, least-interesting town in the world.

The Douglas Channel is a beautiful place and has something different to offer than Rupert does.  The water is very diluted with fresh water runoff and is not as near as salty as here.  For a true ocean fishinh experience Rupert is the way to go.  Kitimat does offer some great fishing and beautiful scenery too if you can get down the channel a ways.

As for the town of Kitimat, other than the fact that there is no shopping, it is a pretty town.  It has alot of parks and green space. It also has a first class marina in Kitimaat village.  Rupert could learn something from them in that regard but Kitimat does have a huge industrial tax base and therefore alot of money to spend.