Splinter Cell

Hey I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Splinter Cell and the Cd code for it , and how much you want for it?

original or pandora?


I will see what i can do, cd keys are easy. But finding an image of the game may take a little while.

You can always pick up a copy from walmart in terrace for pretty cheap…

Ok well you know how much they cost?


Please use Google before asking dumb questions.

i believe it is cheaper than that advertised price.

If you cant get ahold of it in a week, my new comp should be in and i will find a copy on some channel on irc.

Thanks if you get it, do you want the normal price for it or is it free?

And sorry I wasn’t clear I meant for PC

Of course for PC… consoles suck ass.

all you need is alcohol 120% and a cd burner (and a blank cd or two), and you can have the game for free.

How about 10 bucks and the blank cds? And a can of 5%.

I’ve got Pandora for sale…

Lol i could find that in a hour :stuck_out_tongue: