Do any grocery stores sell “Splenda” sweetener in Rupert? 

Ms Checkout just peered over my shoulder and sez "You still have Overpricey in Rupert?"
They carry it.

yes overwaitea does

Awesome.  Thanks.  :sunglasses:

I believe all the grocery stores sell it now as it is not a “new” item by any means. I am sure I saw it in Extra also so would be a little cheaper there  !!1

Is there going to be a study result coming out in the near future saying this stuff is very bad for you as they have said in regards to other sweetners?

Probably, my tiny thymus friend.

Splenda is the only sugar substitute deemed safe by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.


"Some concern has been raised about the effect of sucralose on the thymus. A report from the Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) cites two studies on rats, both of which found “a significant decrease in mean thymus weight” at high doses.[16] The sucralose dose which caused the effects was 3000 mg/kg/day for 28 days. For a 150 lb (68.2 kg) human, this would mean an intake of nearly 205 grams of sucralose a day, which is equivalent to more than 17,200 individual Splenda packets/day for approximately one month. The dose required to provoke any immunological response was 750 mg/kg/day,[17] or 51 grams of sucralose per day, which is nearly 4,300 Splenda packets/day. After evaluation of this data and other toxicological findings, the NICNAS report concludes that sucralose does not pose a hazard to public health.[16]"
from Wiki

Yes, they sell splenda, at all of the grocery stores.
My dad is diabetic, we buy it all of the time.

There is another new sweetener called Stevia.  It is apparently all-natural and can be found in Safeway (I’m sure other stores as well but we have found it in Safeway).


I am dying for a cup of coffee :imp:

You call Overwaitea overpriced?  I always reserved that title for Safeway, then Overwaitea, and third Extra Foods (as far as general pricing)…  So if you  think Overwaitea is really that much overpriced then what do you think of Safeway? hehe

You’re paying for those pretty piles of cans and oranges. But yeah Safeway isn’t cheap.
Course their Starbucks and bakery donuts are to die for…
You gotta do all the stores and pick thru the best bargains.
We used to rave about Extra Foods, but now the prices are right up there and fruit and veggies are total crap. You don’t even wanna touch it, let alone eat it.

I’d go for the Stevia.

extra foods = shitty meat and produce and manager doesnt care about the average human being

overwaite and safeway = similar prices and product but easier to find things and safeway better bakery and meat department. some times better to pay more for quality

I find it neat how sucrose (sugar) and sucralose (Splenda) are nearly identical minus the replacement of 3 hydroxyl groups with chlorides and a chirality change of one carbon.  Those small changes in the molecule make it 600 times sweeter than sucrose!  Crazzzzy. 

Check out the wiki page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sucralose neat reads. 

Overwaitea also carries Diet Rite soda that uses Splenda. No cinnamon aftertaste.
Diabetic mixer…  :smiley:

Tried the Raspberry last night with Vodka and I didn’t spit it out! I’m not diabetic, I hate the taste of diet pop. Used to prefer a Pepsi product they sold many years back that just didn’t have any sweetener, and a couple years back there was one with just 1/2 the sugar.

So next family re-union Cath has to come up with a cake that has Splenda for the 4 diabetics, no gluten for the 3 celiacs, and no milk, whey or eggs for the 4 Vegans and is still edible by the rest of us!

tell them to bring their own holy cow!! lol

make three cakes?

There is sugar substitute “no sugar added” foods. It’s called Maltitol and can cause a bad stomach ache… beware  :stuck_out_tongue:

And no honey!  Don’t forget that vegans don’t eat honey either!