Spiders Spiders Spiders!

Anyone seeing some unusually large spiders here in PR? My neighbor killed a large spider that was almost tarantula size. Wasn’t a cave spider either.

They’re big and they’re gross - scare the crap out of me!!!

Hate to think of what will be next year!!!

Yeah, this year has seen a huge increase in the local spider population. We are regularly sweeping webs out on our porch and carport. Yech.

They are HORRIBLE this year maybe due to our warmer summer? Working out at the wildlife and they are hanging everywhere, each day a new adventure, lots of screaming and swatting with brooms ! Ugh !! Almost gone, hopefully !!

Was thinking the same as I walked here in Victoria tonight spiders everywhere … down here was wasps galore all summer now spiders everywhere same as Rupert

I love walking around in search of the perfect web , I think they are works of art .

yes, the webs are impressive - architectural masterpieces - I read somewhere the single strand is one of the strongest things there is.

Gross huge local spider.

^ Holy fuck!

Where was that found? That looks like a tarantula

That’s nasty hey! My buddy posted that earlier on his fb. Might be where he is working. Waiting for his reply. GROSS indeed!

i’m thoroughly disgusted with that photo! That’s one big ass spider, I fucking hope I never run into that!

These suckers are getting pretty big in Terrace! YUCK! My friend said she also found a bigger one in the washroom!

spiders hate the smell of Mint so plant some mint around your house or mint smelling airfreshers

[quote=“bthedog”]^ Holy fuck!

Where was that found? That looks like a tarantula[/quote]

that is one huge spider.i have never seen anything ike that, that big around the rupert area.have the wolf spiders found us?