Special Needs

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People need to understand that special needs children don’t have an illness, they are not looking for a cure, only acceptance. 93% of you probably won’t copy and paste this. Will you be in the 7% that will and leave it on your status for at least an hour? Special Education week March 22nd to the 26th. Please paste this on your status![/quote]

Go ahead, paste this in your status!

I feel bad that I didn’t know about this.  Were there any special events or awareness workshops happening in Rupert as I didn’t see anything advertised?.  As far as pasting in my Facebook status, I don’t know how to do that !  Aaaargh !  :imp:

Try highlighting the text with your cursor, press control C, then move to your facebook page, select whatever you plan on using ie: status line, notepad page etc, then press Control V, your text from before should now show up on the facebook page.

At least that’s the theory… :smiley:

Ooooo-kay    :confused:  :confused:    :confused:    Thank you !

I’m actually rather offended at that… You won’t see that in my status.

Offended by what?  Aren’t they just trying to spread understanding and awareness?  They have education weeks for disabilites, syndromes, illnesses etc. I don’t see the offence.

I’ll tell you what I find offensive. 
The provincial government does not adequately fund education.  This means that our special needs students now have less support in the classroom than they had last year.

Not just the special needs students.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be home schooling my daughter or moving if they keep cutting from the education system.

Yes.  Students who do not have special needs are also suffering from the funding cuts from the provincial government.  Class sizes are larger than last year which means less one-on-one time for each child.

But did anybody see on the news this evening where the Liberals are giving these suits millions of dollars who are losing their jobs with BC Rail. No trains no engine no money for our children.

At least that’s the theory…  ha ha ha I just learned somethin…

Sad indeed, Justin.  The Liberals privatized a perfectly functioning company and now they need to honour existing contracts with huge severance packages.
We should support BC students…they deserve it.

It’s not what they said, it’s how they said it.
“It’s not an illness, they don’t want a cure, they just want to be accepted”

Uh… I’m sure kids with Cerebral Palsy, and adults too, want a cure. As do many other disabilities. I accept everyone for who they are no matter what, but that’s just a stupid thing to say. And yes, it is an illness, and they should be taken care of, just like anyone else. Just my opinion…

They seem to also call any “A.D.D”(or other) studens, an Illness… My cousin’s kid was Diagnosed have ADD by all the teachers, and all the “Social Workers” at two different schools. She took him to the specialist’s and found out he does not/is not an ADD child. but has a very rare condition… as well, causing seizures.  ““People need to understand that special needs children don’t have an illness, they are not looking for a cure””  My cousin is wishing that there was a cure…and her kid to be accepted… wether it is an “Illness” or a “Disease” her kid has to live with it…
  As for ““SOME”” of the schooling around town, I AM proud that I went to the OLD king ed, as I was able to get the education, and help when I Needed it. And it was not ALL about the $$$. It was the futures education and Proper support.
  Right now we have random strange people trying to pick up kids around the hospital area…The “”“NEW”"" Lax Keen has No one on the Field in the morning (recess) for the little kids. kids are getting beat up and coming home with scratches, and sore ribs from getting bugged .  (ya the mom’s are putting letters to the principal/school board)
    I am sorry if what I have “ranted” about is gonna bug anyone, as not intending to, I am just putting my 2 cent in. but I have heard so much on the schools doing this and that ones being closed and this an that, it is just crazy, Some true and some not… 

It has amased me that within the last two years a child who all thru school and now in grade 6 suddenly two years ago no longer had the need for a child care worker. Yet the child was still on meds for his conidtion  I asked the parents do you see these changes in your child ie behaviour mood swings etc getting better … they said no …I asked why no child care in the school and they said because the principal explained how much better their child had been ( not true just less calls home and suspensions)
it all equates to dollars … money saved on child care workers can fund the over staffed board office!  Don’t get me wrong I understand fically responsibility but what about our responsibility in kigs education, health care etc. The liberals are a bumch of crooks in my opinion. They are the reverse Robin Hood’s they still from the middle class ( poor actually) and give to the RICH!

I’m with you, if a child is having success it is because of the supports.  By taking the supports away then the behaviour and learning suffers and you go backwards until they need a child care worker again - they just see that things are getting better and are quick to cut the funding.  It is a vicious cycle for the child and family.

Sorry for my spelling errors … I typed a quick note before heading off to another project. My grammar is usually excellent, I’m sorry for being in a hurry!

It is an unfortunate reality that our children are are for the most part, going unsupervised on the playground during recess and lunch breaks. I have a niece that was a target of some “bullies” on the play grounds. After the first incident was reported to the teacher the child was told “you don’t have to report it because it only happened once”- red flag, error teacher. Second encounter with same “bullies” was reported to schools Principal, bullying continued. Mother, reduced to tears because nothing was being done and my niece was now afraid to go to school, came to me for my advice. I don’t claim to be out-spoken or very aggressive, but in family matters I will react. I brought the child’s mother to the local RCMP detachment to make a report, after all bullying is a form of assault and assault is a crime. End result, RCMP contacted school, bullying stopped.

The reason I am so passionate about this, is because I’m the father of a special needs son who, was the target of playground bullies. When he was in elementary he was constantly a target. When he lashed out in his defense,  thats what was reported. My son had a communication problem and had to see a speech therapist for the most part of his elementary school years so he could not explain his actions. I accepted the schools Principal word that it was always my son lashing out at other students until one time my sons class mate had told me that events leading up to another incident that my son was being provoked. I do agree that lashing physically at others is wrong. I, however stopped accepting the principals one sided reports and started asking why my son lashed out. Once my son entered high school, there were no more incidents.   

My stepson was having similar problems. After the school seemed unable to deal with the problem after several incidents where he simply came home after being unable to get help, we told him we would not chastise him for any method he used to deal with the problem. Despite our admonitions not to use any violence, we told him if he felt he needed to strike back, we would back him with any problem with the school.

His solution? He formed a gang of all the other kids in similar circumstance and confronted the bullies. The bullies were told if they accosted any in the gang the whole group would beat the crap out of them. End of bullying, at least in this circumstance.

When I asked him if he ever actually had to follow through with the threat he said, “No.”

Bullying is unacceptable…
I wish there was the awareness out there today that was there 30 yrs ago.
I still watch my back waiting for one of the kids I bullied to get some sort of revenge.
But today Im wiseer