Speaking of Theft

If anyone has been offered an 80gb Ipod video…it may be mine.  Mine was stolen about a week ago. 

I have the serial number.  It was reported to the police.

If someone has been approached by someone who is trying to unload an 80gb Ipod Video, please either let myself know or contact the RCMP.  I REALLY want this back and I wouldn’t mind meeting the mofo with my ipod.  :imp:

You stole my heart.

people these days wouldnt just ask anyone on the streets unless there a bum or something. Now adays there going to there drug dealers lmao. But anyways where was it stolen from ?

I hope you recover your ipod, Hoser!


Thats disgraceful.  Good luck on getitng that thing back.  How much are those things worth brand new?
Would like to get one myself.
I really wonder what drug dealers do with all the goods that are hocked to them?
Maybe sell the goods on Ebay or something similiar.

About $400…

I dont think the junkies and dealers have the brain power to sell on Ebay.