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[quote]Former NDP star charged
WebPosted Jun 21 2004 07:34 PM PDT

VANCOUVER - New Democrat MP Svend Robinson has been charged with theft over $5,000, following his admission in April that he stole an expensive ring.

Svend Robinson at news conference
(AP photo)
FROM APRIL 15, 2004: Svend Robinson’s career in limbo after theft

A special prosecutor was appointed to decide whether charges should be laid against the long-time NDP MP.

Robinson stunned his supporters when he announced he had taken the ring – was taking a medical leave and would not run for re-election.

“Something just snapped in this moment of total, utter irrationality,” he said while crying during a nationally televised news conference in his riding of Burnaby-Douglas.

“I did this despite knowing full well…that the entire area was under electronic surveillance.”

Robinson returned the ring a few days later and contacted police himself.

He also made made a written apology to Federal Auction Service, which said it accepted the apology and would not pursue the matter.

FROM JUNE 9, 2004: Ad calls for charges against Svend Robinson

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