Spca question

I am moving and can’t take my cat. Will the spca shelter take him in if I can’t find a home myself before I go? Is there a fee?

It would really be best if you were able to find a home. If the SPCA has space they may take your cat, but chances of an adult being adopted are much slimmer.

If you really can’t find a home the Wildlife shelter also takes cats.

There should not be a fee, but a donation may help get the cat through the door.

Too bad I already have my quota of cats.

Another cat that will be put down


Another cat that will be put down[/quote]

they don’t do local euthanization at the SPCA…haven’t for years i think…

Within the last 6 years they have put cats and dogs down = aggressive or unadoptable = the reason I quit volunteering.

Hopefully you have posted on FB Prince Rupert Pets about your cat as there really aren’t many options here. Obviously your best choice is to find a home for him, if you can and to someone you know. There have been horror stories in town of cats adopted out to irresponsible pet owners. Contrary to the other poster, the wildlife is no longer accepting cats. The outdoor kennels have been shut down and the water to them turned off for the winter. The only cats there now are their own in the house and the “wild” property cats. Please do not drop off cats there, they are kind and would probably not say no but the flight embargo to transfer cats south to other rescues begins today until March meaning no cats can be transferred now and that would add to an already overwhelming situation for them. They are a wildlife shelter, the SPCA is for domestic animals and yes, they do euthanize animals there for certain reasons. When I volunteered there, a staff member had to take a course in humane euthanization. I do believe if you surrender your cat, if they have room, that there is a fee but I am not sure as I no longer volunteer there either. Maybe your best option would be Terrace or Kitimat Humane Society. Contact Total Pets as they can showcase your cat for a couple of weeks in the store for folks to see! Best to contact them soon though ! Good Luck and keep us posted. Do you have a pic of your cat? Maybe post on here also.

well good to know…thanks

Thanks for all the replies. My cat is a 13yo male outdoor cat. Which I know makes his adoption chances slim. I am even considering asking the veterinarian to euthanize him because I don’t like the idea of him having to spend the rest of his life in a shelter cage even if they will take him.

Has he been fixed? Is he ever in the house and basically an indoor/outdoor cat?

Yes he is neutered and is basically an indoor/outdoor. He has a cat door and comes and goes as he pleases. I have not quite exhausted all possibilities with my neighbours and family so maybe hope yet for him. The funny thing is I adopted him myself about 3 years ago after my uncle died and no one else wanted him. But I have to move south for medical reasons so it is not just on a whim.

It would be great if a neighbor or family member could take him ! 13 is still young for a cat so he has many good years left! He will miss you though. Keep us posted and good luck !