Spca events

Here are just a few things we have on the go right now. 

Mothers Day Raffle-A gift basket prepared and donated by Treefrog Soaps.  Tickets are available at the shelter 1 for $2 or 3 for $5.  Draw is Mothers Day weekend. 

Saturday May1st-Garage sale at the SPCA 1740 Prince Rupert blvd.  (9am-12pm)  everything must go!  NO EARLY BIRDS PLEASE.

Saturday May 15th- 2pm-5pm SPCA Open House- Stop in for a coffee and see what we are up to.  There will be kids activities, dog baths by donation, and some baked goods. 

Saturday May 15th- 7pm to Last call-SPCA Pub night at the commercial.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at The SPCA, The Commercial or Slickers.  $15 gets you a beer and a burger.  Also gets you entered for all the great door prizes we have.  There will also be games for other prizes as well as a raffle.  The raffle is for a $250 gift certificate to Wicked Addiction, which was generously donated by Patrick at Wicked Addiction.  The winner will be drawn at midnight on the 16th at The Commercial.  Please note The Commercial will still be open to the public, but without a ticket you will not be eligible for the door prizes.

On a separate note:
We are still looking for foster families for our Mom cats and their babies.

and we are looking for volunteers to help at various events.

Sounds interesting, Hope you raise lots of money for the SPCA.

So 15. dollars gets me and my friend in, a beer and a burger? Thats not bad if that is correct.Will you be at the door? Be nice to finally see you again.

$15 each, but yes a beer and a burger is yours with a ticket purchase. 

Better not have any seafood at those events or the sea terrorists (shepherds?) might get you:

ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/s … 0/20100430

I like how it was the japanese ship that rammed them this time (so they say) it’s rather fitting that they get sunk by their own methods.

Well, I assume the burgers are meat. Remember how Paul Watson’s group reacted last time the local SPCA wanted to sell meat as a fundraiser.

Anyway, I dropped off a bunch of stuff for the garage sale. I wish you guys luck, let’s hooe a lot of money is raised. The SPCA does great work.

If Paul Watson does complain again, though, how about not giving in to convicted terrorists this time?

Not quite burger meat; it was crab.

crab and halibut ground together mix with breadcrumbs and eggs  …

makes an unbelievable burger