SPCA Craft Fair!

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out for our pet photos with Santa and for bringing their fantastic crafts down to the bazaar.  Special thanks to Lindsay and Jan and the shelter staff and all the volunteers AND of course, Santa !  It was great fun and hopefully all the crafters fared well !  The kitchen did well and so did the bake table so thank you all and see you again next year  :smiley:  On a personal note, as I sweat over batches of cookies and loaf cakes and whatnot, my cat decided to eat ribbon I was wrapping it with and ended up at the vets, emergency !! So, just a little reminder at this time of year especially to beware of the tinsel and the shiny bobbles with our pets around. Sneaky little bugger mine is, home now but scared the crap out of me and cost me $177.00 but she’s worth it  :neutral_face:

I took my new puppy down to get her picture taken with Santa, scared her half to death. :smile:

I really wanted to get my mutts picture taken with santa…but I know that my dog would see santa as a gaint chew toy, he’d get so excited that he would pee everywhere! lmao so I just donated money instead :smile: HoHoHo!!

does anyone know how long it will take to get the pic’s back?

I will call the shelter tomorrow and hopefully find out and post the info for you. How did you make out with your “babies” Sindicat?    :smiley:

hahahahaha. My Big boy (you know the one) was beeing VERY bad. he would not stop barking and beeing an a$$!!! lol. went in, and the Santa Tried to pick ALL my dogs up and put them on the seat!! not smart hahahaha. then my other “babie” tried to eat his face off…litterly! lol Nottttt cool didn’t like the beard.