Spare DDR ram anybody?

Anyone got some laying around to sell me?

Don’t listen to him.
Some one explain to me why my burner will burn dvds but not cds.

My Mac doesn’t love me anymore.
I have displeased it.


I have RAM of some-sort laying around my house. I’ll check it to see what type. Yeah I’m that nice of a girl.

That computer shop near Overwaitea has lots of different ram really cheap, check them out.
They have older ram also

Sweet Lem! 

Thanks Fidel, I thought about that at work today I might go check em out tomorrow. I might just place an order from NCIX. 

yeah its ddr.

What would I get in return?

Gingerbread-man, donut and a coffee.


There’s a computer shop near overwaitea???

Yeah its at the old Dry Cleaners there

haha I go by there everyday, never seen it.  :unamused:

I have a ddr-400 256mb stick and a ddr-333 256mb stick laying around not being used.