Spaceballs Sequel?

Was browsing neowin and come across this

[quote]Mel Brooks Writing Spaceballs Sequel
Source: Ain’t-It-Cool-News September 28, 2004

In a Q&A with Playbill magazine, Mel Brooks says that he’s currently working on a Spaceballs sequel. Here’s the clip from the interview which starts off by talking about the big screen adaptation of The Producers.

Playbill: Will you have a role in it?

MB: It’s doubtful, but I’m writing myself back into the Spaceballs sequel that I’m now writing, so you haven’t seen the last of my face. Why another Spaceballs? It wouldn’t feel right have anyone else play Yoghurt and the first one was the best experience I’ve had making a movie since Blazing Saddles.

Playbill: When can we expect that?

MB: Best case scenario: a week before the new Star Wars opens. Worst Case Scenario: a year after the new star wars opens.

Stay tuned for more news on this as it comes. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith will be released in theaters on May 19.[/quote]

May the shwartz be with you !

edit : heh let the spaceball quotes begin :laughing:

Yep, I’ve seen it around.

Dark Helmet: Now you see that evil will always triumph…because good is dumb


They gotta make fun of how Yoda talks in the second movie.

He has to much to say so he sounds like this.

“A parimater you must set around deflector shelid you must hmmm”

meh making fun of yoda’s voice has already been done(star wars : clone wars - animated)…but yes it would be hilarious :smiley:

How does he sound more like Ms.Piggy or Rover.

And off topic anyone else having trouble with internet?

Definatly Rover…least in the animated star wars

and yes…check in the tech forums as there are two posts about teh internet being a noob

Hey I may be a noob but at least I can spell “the” right.

uhh the insult wasn’t directed at you dude…and just for a heads up I spelled “the” wrong on purpose.

73|-| 1337

Omg, I love the server dust, I can pull in so many noobs on it.

thankfully someone tried getting the joke :laughing:

you get a free lightsaber that lights up and has a cheap “bewwooomm” sound effect

The thing is, I want a fake lightsaber that actually extends from the handle when I push a button. That would be a cool toy.

I’d rather get a ring out of a crackerjack box like yoghurt with a pretty ‘S’ on it

Second reason for being a n00b