Souvlaki express comming back

I heard from a friend of a friend that souvlaki express is going to set up in town for the summer.

So you the owner ? :confused:

That’s what I was going to ask.

no my buddy overheard the owner talking about comming back for the summer

Doesn’t the owner already have a full time job?

never heard of this place how long ago was it here ? ive been back in town 10 years never seen it

he does souvlaki and donairs wrapped in pita used to work seafest
but now he is thinking about doing it all summer
i think he has hot dogs too

Well I sure hope this is true.  Souvlaki and donairs sound yummmmmmmmmy!

Donair, donair, my kingdom (queendom?) for a good donair!

 I haven’t heard of this snackery either… is it like a Food Cart on a corner ?

the last time i seen him he was outside the old video store on park avenue…that was a few yrs ago…then I think he ventured in to those dirty carnival donuts.
the souvalki wasnt to bad…
its all in the tsatziki anyhow…

So where is this Souvlaki Express you were talking about?
Summer is pretty much over here in the next week and I still cant find that Souvlak Express… Good roumor tho!
Just another bussiness here in PR that cant survive…

It’s not that it can’t survive, it’s that it was a rumour. The guy has a full time job already… LOL

Making souvlaki at Rodhos ?