Sound Card Issues

Nothing on web search n’ stuff. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Soundmax Sound Card.

Sound and Audio devices

Audio Tab

Advance Tab under recording is greyed out and cannot be selected.

does anyone have a solution for this.

Did you try reinstalling the drivers? Sometimes win xp wont give you
the full potential of a new found device. Did u install the drivers at all?
I know i have an audigy and i had to install from the disk to get it all

:unamused: it really amazes me the people who pass themselves off for technicians

Six months ago I couldn’t even spell teknishun. Now I are one.

(sorry stole that from UBC Engineering days…)


[quote=“Wild Gotham”]Hey come on now. I know vvvvvvvvwhat I do, it’s just that this problem should not be happening. I keep my pc’s in tip top, there has to be something wrong here? As a tech, I do a very good job, but this one has me clueless.



I used to think i knew stuff… then i went to school and realized i knew alot of stuff, but not all. Now I forgot most of the windows fixing stuff because well… faster to get a usb drive and back everything up then format.


Its kinda funny one of my teachers is a microsoft nut and says linux is crap and open source is insecure blah blah blah I laugh at him but ive somewhat learned to appreciate some of the qualities microsoft software has. Their products usually have alot of great features… however itd be nice if they spent more time debugging/securing their code before they release a product.

iPod or DVD-R for backp these days… Then comes the clone or XP CD… Whatever is closer. I wish I had an independant removable hard drive like that though… Did you buy one of those cheap 5.25" enclosures and plog a drive in?

Well, I dont actually have one but thatd be the easiest way to do things. I will probably get one after i start working etc. For now i just back up onto one of my servers which doesnt take long to do a few gigs I get about 10MB/s transfer speeds. I was just stating if you have a pc business thats the way to go about things.

I bought a 20$ usb 20 Slim line case it is nice small fits in my pocket and houses a 40gig drive I have formated it to FAT32 so os 9.2.2 and osx can see it along with windows too. Great tool to back things up to. Saved my ass a few times. I wish that you could boot off of usb with a pc and mac : O ) … -boot.mspx … -8789.html

And if the motherboard doesnt support it load up knoppix and copy the files onto the drive.

Thank’s Joel. : O )