Traverse into a world of fun, adventure, and excitement… A dramatic epic that will make you laugh and cry and fiend for more… A life of struggle, a life of richness, of choice… The life you live and your actions, your voice…

Travel far into the reaches of experience for growth, wisdom, and truth…your story… your path… The souls dream…

And then here we are…

Hey spammer. You are weird. :exclamation:
Do you search the internet for what you are thinking and search for what you can’t find or search for what you are?

Don’t ask me what that means, you are posting some weird stuff so I will join you. :open_mouth:

Maybe it was a Heffalump…

I don’t think I spam… I write much about my own fancy, but spam… I don’t have anything to sell… push maybe but not sell… I’m not in it for $$$ or pats on the back, I love the feedback… I like to make waves in this ocean of a reality… with all of you rippling souls out there with different takes on life, more ideas and experiences… I like to fish for clues…

I search for stuff on the net but human minds are much more fun… The EGO can make for a great debate or exchange of our program…


To really live is to struggle.

Takes work to finish the job :bulb:

It’s only work if you try too hard. Too many people are pushing the river when it flows all by itself. Some things come only in their own time and place.

Don’t follow my path. While it did work well for me, it rolled up after me and you must find your own. It probably won’t follow the same direction as mine … or maybe it will.

I must sound like a mudslide charging down the river :laughing:

Some have appreciation, some can climb out of the box.
and others are blind to reality and truth. Many suffer, as they are without awareness nor enlightenment, but mostly it is simply ignorance.
Don’t dispair, for there are others that can feel what you compose, for it has value. Then again, many have their hell for entertainment. So it goes as the world turns.

When ALL eyes are open the supreme being can see.

Wait I forgot, there is no time so it’s the cat’s meow right now.