Sorry, we are closed!

It’s been the weirdest day today! For all intents and purposes, Northern Europe has been closed to all air traffic today thanks to a volcanic eruption in Iceland filling the airspace with ash!

First time ever that UK airspace has been 100% closed. Most Swedish, Finnish airports are closed, along with those in Northern France!

It was kinda nice to lay in the sun in Hyde park this afternoon and not have planes flying over every minute… strange, but nice!

Yes.  Weird indeed!  I guess the last time there was a shut down of air space over the UK that was this massive was 9/11.
Enjoy the sun!  :sunglasses:

Even for 9/11 they only closed the airspace over London! Might strange to wake up this morning, and not hear planes all the time! Not so sure I like it anymore!

And it just gets worse:

Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania have also closed down their airspace, as well as Northern Germany, France and Poland.

Seriously, it’s the Apocalypse or something :smile: Guess I’ll have to make a long ass train journey to Amsterdam tomorrow now! Grrrr!

Its gets better, we are still closed, as is almost the entire of Europe! Postponed my trip for another week, see if things improve:

Time to buy natural gas stocks.

And it gets worse!

Europe’s airspace is still closed, and most airlines have already taken the move of cancelling all flights for Monday and Tuesday already!

The airlines are estimating they are together losing £130million a day! Ouch!

I’ve got friends stuck in the US, Hong Kong, China and Turkey… and a few places not so far afield… Unfortunately a few went to Paris to get the Eurostar and they have no seats left for about 3 days!

Time to relaunch the Channel ferries…  everyone meet at Dieppe and we’ll sail over to Europe to save your butts once again!

lol! If you don’t mind, that would be great!

I even tried to book myself onto a ferry to France and then cycle up to Amsterdam, but I cant even get on a ferry for another 3 days! So, ya know, anything you can send over would be gratefully received :smiley:

Looks like they made a smart decision to ground the fleets: … canic.html

That’s not an F-18 in the photo.  Looks more like an F-5 trainer or BAE Hawk.

But at the current exchange rate, 5 American is 18 Finnish…

You know what? Fuck it, that joke just isn’t happening.

Wow, that’s pretty ugly. This will indeed need a multi-million dollar overhaul work.

On the side note, the skies looks increasingly eerie everyday. I only spotted an Airbus this afternoon; that’s all.