Sooo how tall is everyone?

so how tall is everyone on here???

im 5’11 :smiley:

I too… am 5’11

Tim if you’re 5’11 then I’m 6’5.

Are you actually that tall? You didn’t seem like it to me.

haha thanks, but yeah im 5’11. might be 5’10.5 or what not. but its close enough

hmmm weird. Maybe I’m closer to 6’1 then.

I rock.

I’m 5’6. I remember being taller than most of the guys in my grade. Stupid growth spurts. Even my younger brother is taller than me.

:laughing: I remember being taller than Ryan. But that is no more :cry:

6’ even.

One more thing: most pointless thread of all times.

I see, start, and participate in useless threads all the time.

I’d much rather do that than homework/pack/clean.

Come to think of it, HTMF, on the whole, is pretty much pointless.

^ heh true

Yeah but we still love it.

Without it there would be no softball team. :cry:


Softball is gonna rule this year. Oh Baby.

I’m gonna guess I’m 6ft even. That’s 6 feet and 140lbs of pure fucking hell! Don’t make me open a can.

Oh hell yes. Look for the Coast Hotel Mariners to repeat as Playoff Champs, as well as win the league.

I’m hitting homers this year.

Can you open the can your spinach is in?

I struggle, but it can be done.

Hey, at least she didn’t ask how long everyone is.

I’m six foot four.

Speaking of length, I watched a TV show on TLC where people got cosmetic surgery done. This guy got “enlargement” done and they used cadaver skin.

HoshHQ, your van is wicked! Don’t let anyone every tell you otherwise :wink: