Sony MZ-N920 net MD walkman

i bought a sony walkman in korea and now need english-language software to make the mds. the mz-n920 was only released in korea and japan, so the software for it isn’t much use to me. any suggestions on what i should get for it would be much appreciated. thanks.

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try to sell it to someone. seriously. minidisc players suck.

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he needs sonicstage, probably. good luck finding a working copy, anywhere on the internet.

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Try doing some net research on minidiscs and asking some questions on the minidisc sites. Within a few minutes of looking I found:

In one of thier FAQ’s they have a potential solution:

" Dino Inglese, a Minidisc T-Station message board member offers this tip for using Simple Burner to circumvent OpenMG Jukebox (see his humorous original posting). CAVEAT: You will need Nero, and Nero’s Imagedrive feature, or something similar that can create a virtual CD disc image and allow you to mount it to your desktop.

Five easy steps to a clean and hassle free MP3->MD download

  1. Open Nero, select Audio CD from the presets and drag all the MP3’s you want into it. Nero is far less picky about formats and sample rates. I found this method foolproof.

  2. Save or ‘Burn’ your CD to your hard drive (not your burner). Nero will give you a default filename of ‘image.nrg’

  3. Use Nero’s Imagedrive (bundled with Nero) to mount the .nrg (CD-image) you just created. Lets say Drive ‘F’ for this example.

    I am not an expert, but I found these first 3 steps took around 2 minutes or less for a regular size audio CD (i.e. burning and converting about 10 MP3 tracks to an audio CD ‘image’ on my hard drive). I have a 1GHz/PIII, so that helps with the MP3->PCM conversion times. A faster machine would mean proportionately faster MP3 conversion and image creation.

  4. Select your ‘virtual F’ CD drive in Simple Burner and burn it to Minidisc.

  5. When you are done, trash the large .nrg file sitting on your desktop.

If your machine is fairly fast then Simple Burner’s CD->ATRAC conversion is done in on-the-fly in RAM with the disk hardly ticking over at all.

Advantages of this Method

* You are using reliable software.
* Checkin/checkout is avoided.
* Unlike OpenMG, files aren't left all over your hard drive.
* You can delete and re-arrange the downloaded tracks on your MD without having to resort to connecting it back to your PC.
* It is faster and doesn't thrash your hard drive. "

I’m not sure if any of that helps but with a little time and effort you’ll find something that can help you.


The quality, especially for recording, is the best for a device that small.

And don’t forget how inexpensive they are. I don’t know about the minidiscs you have came across, but mine doesn’t suck.

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