Somewhere there's a Secret Service agent packing his bags

Bad day for the President, even worse one for the Secret Service agent who didn’t take one for the boss…

Oh no what did George Junior do this time ? God help us .

First come the birds then come the american people?

Couldn’t  have landed on a better man, even the birds hate him.

george tenet is a chump

Agreed.  But, at least he was fired.  The man who turned the key and started this fiasco has not been held accountable (Bush).
cough WMDs cough

sorry, a presidential medal of freedom and a book deal that basically has him saying “well oops, i sure wish I was in a position of power so I couldve helped avoid where we’re at now” makes that firing as golden a parachute as I’ve ever seen.

man i just cant help but drop f bombs when I think about american politics.

Politics is a messy, dirty business.  Agreed.  I enjoy American politics; it is cheap entertainment:-)